Iles Tours

Alex’s knowledge of Newcastle and the North East is incredible.  He is literally a walking encyclopedia of really fun and interesting facts.  We’ve lived in Newcastle our whole lives and are always left with a big smile on our faces after spending any time hanging out with this guy.  His passion for the region is infectious!  He got in touch with us at the end of last year to put together a new leaflet that would reflect clearly who he is, what he does and how customers can get in touch with him.  We knew how much he liked them by the size of the hug he hit us with upon collection.  Sometimes words just aren’t enough, I guess.

Iles Tours was created in March 2013.  It was birthed from our founder Alexander Iles’ passion for Newcastle upon Tyne.  Newcastle Has a vibrant history going back a thousand years with the Castle and City and over two and a half thousand years of British peoples living in the area of the City of Newcastle.  We started these tours to show you the city of Newcastle and all of the brilliant history, culture and the amazing things that regularly go on within the city.

For More info about walking tours in Newcastle-upon-Tyne visit: Iles Tours – Newcastle